Bryn's Winter Success!!

Our man Bryn had a cracking late winter/early spring on his local 220 Acre pit! Bryn explains below his approach and how it all came together!

"Well what a way to open the 2019 account!!! Now that’s the end of the winter/spring campaign with my good mate sharing a peg and the same spots, same particle mixes, prebait and feed, but different boillies with the same results. Lots and lots of monster particles hemp, maize, maples, nutty madness mix, sweet corn, feeding a lot and often between us, a good 150+ KG and a good 60+ kilo each of homemade boilies went in on our chosen spots".

"We started to bait up on the second week in February for two weeks in the freak warm weather we had and fished the weekend of the 22nd and it’s been mental from then on out! It was kicked off with a 30lb 12oz common what a start that was very unexpected!! And it went on from there! I ended up with 23 carp in the 5 weeks of fishing weekends and my mate fished the week and had 17 carp and 16 breem bringing the total to 40 carp!"

"We had 17 commons and 23 mirrors with 13 of those being over 30lb between us on a lake that barely gives a fish through February and March! Its been like a full time job on and off the bank prebaiting, making boillies, bank time and helping with pictures, set ups etc. Living in wadders pretty much!"

"It isn’t the easiest of pegs to fish from and fishing with one or two rods most of the time. Im greatful for a break, a lot of hard work effort and time had gone into it with a awesome result! A few carp was the aim not what weve achieved. Biggest common for me was 34lb 2oz and the biggest mirror for me was 35lb 4oz, two new PB's!"

"Biggest common for mate was 31.4 and the biggest mirror was 34.4"

"Last carp before was taken on midnight 31st March and went 30.6. I was using the Rigworx terminal tackle and their size 4 Curve Shank on a German rig! Mounted with tiger nuts and homemade boilies! Roll on the season ahead!"

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