Day Session Result for Adele and Simon

Report by Simon... "Arrived at Makins Fishery in Nuneaton at 8am Saturday. Weather was bright to start with but with a cold rising easterly wind. Most of the angling pressure was on Lake one so we decided to set up on pond 5 having fished this once before in the past. With the strong winds it was hard to spot any signs of fish and with the air pressure still being on the lower side I stuck with my plan of fishing both rods on the bottom in the deeper water. The wind was also pushing into that end of the lake. One rod was fished with a Ronnie Rig using a stiff 20lb boom section crimped to a size 8 swivel on one end and a Ronnie swivel at the other. A size 8 curve shank was used alongside a bait screw topped with a squid pop up from top baits. The second rod was fished with a Withy Pool rig using the same hook pattern, a withy pool aligner and finished using a 20lb supple braid. This rig was topped with a top baits frankfurter pop up.

The wind increased as the day went on getting as high as 30 mile an hour and there were some torrential down pours too including a hail shower. Most of the activity came in the morning including both fish which fell to the Ronnie approach. The first carp, a common of about 8 pound went to a single bait fished a couple of rod lengths out where as the second a little scaley mirror fell on the same spot but this time using a pva bag with a mixture of bloodworm pellet crushed spicy boilies and some blood worm glug. Speaking with other anglers on site, the other lakes seemed to be quiet with people either not catching or only bagging one or two. Happy with the couple I caught and always makes the day better when the people you are fishing with catch too. Adele bagged here self two carp during the morning and Billy who joined us managed to bag one later on in the afternoon. I have so much faith in the Ronnie rig and Will definitely be trying the Withy Pool approach again even though it didn’t result in a fish this time I like the look of this rig and the aggressive curve it has and I’m sure once taken it would be very difficult for a carp to eject or shake free. There were a few more signs that the fish were turning onto feed towards the very end of the session and if we had been doing a night session I think we would have bagged a few more but overall happy with my day session on the bank and look forward to going back to venue which is an ideal place to try and bag a few during trickier winter weather sessions"

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