PB for RIGWORX Matt!!

Chaz and I turned up at the lake late in the afternoon and saw a few fish showing at the end of a south eastly which was blowing in. Positioned the rods to the showing fish but had no luck going into dark. Just before hitting the bag I decided to tie a small pva bag filled with pellets and casters with a wide gape t topped with a fake bit of corn. That was swung into the margins about 15 yards down. Just after midnight the rod ripped off and I was bent into a fish which didn't feel big at all. After a few minutes Chaz saw the fish and kept saying "that's a 20 all day long it looks alright". It wasn't till we got her in the net and looked at the width and realised it might be quite a bit bigger. Upon lifting her out and on to the unhooking mat I started grinning thinking this is going to be close to my PB. Chaz done the honours and let me know my new PB is now 36lb!! We were both over the moon to say the least. Once the pictures were done and sorted we returned her and off she swam. Buzzing!!!

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