Reece's Take on RIGWORX Tungsten...

Hi there.. to any anglers out there who may have been thinking about using any kind of tungsten products but are unsure to, or any anglers that already do but not yet using them from Rigworx then this may be worth a read.

I have been using Rigworx components for around 6 months now and the quality is immense.

Me personally, my chosen rig is the ever faithful "ronnie", i like to know my rig is going to be pinned down to the deck and this is where the Rigworx components come into my armory.

Firstly the putty, to help keep the hook sat firm, then i will add a tungsten rig sinker midpoint of the rig and a tungsten anti-tangle sleeve over the quick link.

I know now my rig is pinned to the lead, i then take around 1m of tungsten rig tubing so that i have my rig and a good metre of line after the lead completely bedded.

I believe just this small change in my fishing has helped me have more success on the bank, its all about the little things especially with big wary carp. There is endless tweaks and ways to use these products and the fact the price range is by far more reasonable than bigger shop brands but holding the same quality is even more satisfying.

Im sure you will be as confident as all of us using Rigworx and dont forget we would love to hear back from our customers or anyone baring questions, Reece.

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